Copy + Paste is for Chumps.

FilePile lets you install code into your Laravel project using the command-line

Tired of looking through old projects to find a feature you've written?

FilePile will let you pull Gists or Github repositories right into your app, so no more need to wonder where your features are.

Change code on the fly

Using FilePile's prompt feature, you can also build a CRUD system that builds code exactly as you would normally use in your workflow

1. Create a Repository
GitHub or Gist, your call

Create a repository to store your commonly copied files or templates

2. Link Using a New Pile
Add your repository to FilePile

In addition to copying your files, you can setup FilePile to make content replacements at runtime.

3. Install with Artisan
A simple artisan command to install

With a quick artisan command your files are copied over and content replacements are made!

Demo Video

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